Roll your fabric to the bolting board

In order to save spaces and display nicely in the shop. Fabric business want to roll the fabric roll to the bolting board. We can also provide high quality bolt board and help you distribute the fabric to the end customer.

Processing Price: £20 per industrial roll.

> 10 rolls £15 per industrial roll.

*price exclude VAT, we can only process the woven fabric (none jersey).

Our Automatic fabric rolling machine can:

  • roll the fabric nicely onto the bolting board.
  • Length count & Count fixed length.
  • Cut neatly
  • Quality and default check of fabric.





Ask your supplier to send fabric directly to us, we will check and roll to a smaller bolt, then send it to you.

You do not have to rolling these in a time-consuming proceses anymore. Leave it to us, we are happy to help!