Pigeonwishes is recruiting!

We are looking for a fulfilment assistant to help us with our button orders.

Based in Speke, Liverpool

We would like someone interested in crafts and sewing.

This job will be a part time job, so best suited to a freelancer


Variable hours, working 2 days a week, we can be flexible with the days

Salary: £13 per hour

Location: Speke, Liverpool.

Application deadline: 30th April 2021. Zoom call interviews week commencing 3rd May 2021.

About the role:

We are looking for a fulfilment assistant to help us pack our Etsy and wholesale button orders. You will need to be able to commute to Speke, Liverpool twice a week. The hours per day are variable and depend upon the amount of orders we receive per week but will ensure at least 2 hours per day.

You will be responsible for putting the button into their packaging and packing orders. In addition to occasionally taking some nice pictures of the packing process. You will preferably have experience working in a small/start up business and be interested in crafts.
This is a zero hour contract and the applicant will have to look after their own tax and National Insurance Contributions.


* Assembling package boxes.

* Checking for damaged buttons.

* Sorting buttons into sets and putting them into packaging.

* Make sure orders are packed correctly.

* Apply postage on Royalmail website.

* Taking pictures for instagram.


Enthusiastic, efficient and reliable.

Experience working for a startup is a bonus.

How to apply:

You can fill this form, or send in a CV and answers to these two questions in an email to us.

* What do you like about Pigeon Wishes Shops?

* What has made lockdown easier for you?

No more than a paragraph is needed.

We will be shortlisting applicants for zoom interviews.

Send your answers in an email to megan.valero@pigeonwishes.com by midnight on April 30th.