Lilac Lovers Party

Hello Lilac Lovers (and soon to be converted Lilac Lovers)!

Winter is here! We are waking up in darkness and leaving work in darkness. The urge to hibernate and retreat to the darker side to the colour spectrum has never been stronger!!!! But we are dreaming of a Lilac Christmas over her at Pigeon Wishes HQ and together with Cut One Pair, we think it might just happen!

The Party

On the 4th December we will be hosting a virtual party, wearing lilac is your ticket in. 

Yes! A Christmas party that involves staying at home, crafting and dressing up in lilac. Possibly the dream?


Lilac has been steadily gaining traction as THE shade of purple to be seen in. Royal purple is no longer the ambition! Lilac is a colour that has been in the public consciousness, not always for trend leading reasons! Lockdown and coronavirus in general has people looking at colour and their day to day lives in a more introspective way. Finding joy in where you live, the colours you dress in and the little choices you make each day.

Each week for the month of November we will be giving a prompt to dig deeper into lilac and how you see yourself with and in it!

For now we will leave you with our Pinterest board. Click here to look further. 

 Da rules

We’re pretty loose with this party. Use the tag #LilacLoversParty throughout the month and be in with a chance to win a prize. 

We do want to inspire a new lilac make but understand time constraints and snail seamstress tendencies! December 4th is the day to share your party outfit. Be it a new make or old make, as long as it’s lilac, we welcome you to the Lilac Lovers Party.


Yes! Prizes!!! We will be announcing the prizes throughout the month. You do need to have a public account to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Winners will be chosen at random.

If you are a business that would like to be involved please contact us.


We encourage a day full of frivolousness, fun and as much lilac as you can fit in!

“Colour can change how we feel, change how we view the world, reinvent the bland, provide spectacle and help us tell powerful stories. Colou can seduce us” (Franklin Till Studio, Editor’s Letter. The Power of Colour)

We hope you enjoy the party and everything leading up to it!

Thank you and see you there!