Spring ’22 Mood Board | Dreamland Collection by Pigeonwishes Buttons

By Megan Valero

Hello Stitchers!

It’s almost time for our new button collection,  The Dreamland Collection. In this post (like our last button mood board) I won’t be revealing the buttons but I will be sharing some inspiration we’ve had for the creation of this collection. Each collection pivots around a central idea. It’s now March and while Spring is the overarching theme; the colours, the vibe and the general tone is a little more specific. Florals for Spring is always a classic, however I wanted to go with a different twist. Keeping Spring’s colourfulness and sense of renewal, the collection is meant to have a dreamy haze.

I am so excited for this new collection, it’s been MONTHS since we’ve released anything new under our own brand, the last collection was October ‘21! Winter has come and gone, and I think we are all eager for the sun to bless this cold Island with some warmth!

Now here’s a taste of what’s to come…….

Fanciful Button  

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

Fondant Fancy? Or just Fanciful.

These buttons remind me of the two best flavours of fondant fancies. Pink and lemon. One of the few times Chocolate flavour is just lacking! Heading towards Spring and (dare we say) picnics and general alfresco eating, this desert is best enjoyed amongst the flowers. We are colour enthusiasts and the rise of pink and yellow together is a joy inducing dynamic. 

Neverland Buttons 

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

Colours that make you either want to take flight into a magical twilight sky or go into the depths of a lagoon filled with mermaids. Seems like there will always be at least one blue and green button in our collection!!! I actually cannot help myself! The next button in this colour combo saga is the Neverland button. 

Surrealist Buttons

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

Unfazed by a collision and colour. We love the art movement that wanted to take a glimpse into the human mind. This button is the most ‘Spring’ like but also the most brash.

Daydream Buttons

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

Always a believer. 

These buttons remind me of a dreamscape colour palette. Somewhere between sunset and the surreal. Blue and pink are our brand colours and have a special place in my heart. The colours together always seem a bit unexpected but they just work so, so well. These buttons are not an understatement! Meant for the dreamers.

Lucid Buttons

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

The galaxy is deep, beautiful and inexorable. It runs forever. Looking up at the colour and patterns gives people infinite reverie. From ancient times to the present, purple and dark blue always represented dreams and mysteries.

I hope this has made you a bit intrigued! Happy stitching!


Inspiration and Fabric Picks for a Green Autumn/Winter

By Marie Lawlor

Did you know that the human eye sees more shades of green than any other colour? Possibly an evolutionary feature which associates green with nature, life and growth.  How time changes; nowadays many of us are more likely to see red at the supermarket checkout as opposed to green whilst foraging in the forests! 

Colour psychology arguably still has a huge role in how we present ourselves to the world.  People who are wear green are often associated with creativity, stability, and success. Pretty good subliminal messages to put out there!

Green has been heavily featured on the catwalk and fashion editorials recently, with the full spectrum of the colour being used.  We have also stocked a healthy range of substrates and tones for you to re-create some of your favourite looks.


Deep Green

A classic deep green creates a feeling of decadence like no other.  Suited to many occasions, from formal dinners, to the evening fireside, anything made in these tones will have an air of luxury to it.  Choose our Sanded Lenzing Tencel Linen in dark green, or, for full glamour, our Bemberg cupro bark crepe in night green will give the look you want.

A simple dress in dark green, (as shown in Reformation) is a classic choice that will not date. To recreate this look, the By Hand London Anna pattern will give you the perfect shape.  For some extra special nightwear like this La Perla set, check out the Grainline Lakeside pyjama pattern.


Emerald Green

Moving along the colour wheel, Gucci bring us this spectacular vision.  Pairing with red is a bold statement, but as you can see, it works. Red sits opposite green on the colour wheel which mean they contrast in the best way, like a bird of paradise.  To make an equally eye catching daytime outfit, our Sanded Lenzing Tencel Linen Slub in Emerald has you covered. A blouse with fine details such as the Nina Lee Bakerloo will mean all eyes will be on you! 

If minimalist is your style, this dress from Arket shows that simple design doesn’t necessarily mean you are restricted to neutral colours.  The Emerald green shade creates a striking look which you could recreate with Closet Core Kalle shirt and tunic dress.  Don’t forget your buttons! I would opt for Wicked for interest and toning in, or Nightshade to really make them a feature. 


Bright Green

Lets go bright! Heralded as THE shade of green to be seen in, our Sanded Lenzing Tencel slub in ‘Refresh’  will see you in the right direction for these fashion forward outfits. 

Ganni are delivering on inspiration for this colour, a look you can make for yourself with McCalls 8036/Sahsa McCalls. To really recreate this, choose Wuthering or Ocean Leopard buttons to finish.


Sage Green

Finally, this heavyweight jersey soft wool gives you the sage green fabric of your dreams.  It is such a calming relaxing colour, that it is only right that the outfit be as comfortable as possible.  By making the True Bias Marlow (I need to make this now, using Witches Brew buttons!) and Friday Pattern Company Joan trousers, this fabric has stylish comfort as its number one priority.  

So lets put ‘blue and green should never be seen’ behind us. Make heads turn and eyes green with envy (sorry). You never know, it might become the next red and pink!